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Nicky Easey and Cheryl Mence, Joint Acting Headteachers
Wroxham Gardens, Potters Bar, Herts. Tel: 01707 643576

Reception – Upper Foundation

Introducing the team

Mrs Lynn Cripps – Early Years Specialist
Mrs Jo Turner – Foundation Stage / KS1 Phase Leader / Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Carrie Harrison – Early Years Teaching assistant
Miss Leonie Schiffer – Trainee teacher from Germany (not in the photo)

What happens in Reception at Wroxham?

We work very closely as a foundation stage team, Nursery through to Year 1. In Reception the children spend the majority of their day engaged in CIL (Child Initiated Learning). This involves the children choosing from a range of activities, both inside and outside, focusing on different 7 areas of the curriculum. They also take part in three group times each day, which are led by an adult.

We follow the EYFS curriculum which is play based. The key areas are Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication, Language and Physical Development. In Reception we focus on developing the children’s social skills, communication, language, independence and love of learning.

Our school blog!

We keep a blog to keep our parents and children updated of what has happened and what’s going to happen throughout the year.

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