Learning Note Week 4

Learning Note to families: This week…  We finished off our division topic by looking at two step problems involving division.  We then looked at divisibility tests so the children can recognise when a number is divisible by another number.  In English, we have looked at the author’s use of hu

Week beginning 28th January

Last week in Reception we: Focused on the traditional tale – The Gingerbread Man Applied our knowledge of days of the week Investigated different liquids Learnt the phonemes – ‘ow’ cow, ‘oi’ coin, and the tricky word ‘are’ This week in Reception we will be: Making boats for the Ginge

25th January 2019

Next week in nursery 28th January we will be… acting out the story of The Gingerbread Man. baking gingerbread men. spotting numerals around the school. What can you do at home? Read The Gingerbread Man story and encourage your child to make up a new ending/tell you which their favourite character

Busy mastering maths…

We have been developing our understanding of three digit numbers this term. This morning, we practised labelling unmarked number lines using our number knowledge and estimating skills. We then learnt that we use number lines to measure volume. We practised reading measures and pouring water accurate

Week beginning 21st January

Last week in Reception we: Continued to focus on the traditional tale – Goldilocks and the Three Bears Learnt more about the days of the week Continued to discuss the season of winter Learnt the phonemes – ‘ar’ car, ‘or’ for, ‘ur’ turn and the tricky word ‘all’ This week in R