Learning (lots) through play

So far this week, the children have engaged in many indoor and outdoor activities.  They have really enjoyed picking apples from the orchard.  They then used these apples to cook with.  They worked well in small groups identifying and naming ingredients and helping weigh out the correct quan

What a wonderful first week

We have had a lovely week getting to know the children in our nursery.  We are very proud of how well they have settled and how they have become familiar with some of our nursery routines.   The children have enjoyed lots of indoor and outdoor play including painting, outdoor chalking, water tray

Home visits completed!

We have had such a wonderful time visiting the children and watching them play and interact in their normal environment.  They will each bring something very special to our nursery.  We are very excited to have them join us next week and here are just some of the activities we have set up for them