Masters of Measure

In our Forest School session this week, we practised using different tools to complete a number of measuring challenges. We had to decide which tool was appropriate for each challenge: ruler, metre stick or trundle wheel. We then used the information that we collected to answer some maths questions.

Brilliant Brunel Bridges

We have started our Victorians topic and the children have shown a real interest in Victorian architecture and inventions. Mr Herbert introduced them to the designs of Isambard Kingdon Brunel with a particular focus on the Bristol Suspension Bridge. After learning about the history and structure of

Brilliant bird nests

In Forest School today, we challenged the children to create a nest suitable for a bird. The children worked in small groups and had to try to meet three criteria; to hold a bird, to hold a weight (stone) and to be predator proof. They really impressed us by thinking carefully about their designs an