Stone Age workshop

The Hertfordshire Museum Service visited this morning to share artefacts and activities in a Stone Age workshop. We learnt about materials used in this time period, made a bender (a shelter) and then created our own versions. We held a 4,000 year old flint and a bronze replica sword as well as tryin

Learning about neurons

Year 3 have really been enjoying our MindUp sessions. We have been sitting quietly in our Brain Breaks and also been very keen to learn how the brain works. Today we made neurons and formed neuron chains to understand how information is transmitted and how habits are formed. Here are a few pictures:

Mindful learning

Year 3 began the afternoon by relating the emotions characters in the film ‘Inside Out’ to their understanding of the brain. We then discussed mindful and unmindful behaviour before learning how to breathe mindfully. We did this by seeing how carefully we could blow a cotton wool ball ar

A busy week…

It has been a busy week in Year 3. The children are settling into routines and showing us how much they love learning. Amongst many other things, we have been exploring the text Stone Age Boy, thinking about maths strategies using the materials from the Week of Inspirational Maths and learning about

Forest School Fun

Continuing our treasure theme, the children created treasure island maps made from natural materials. Everyone worked fantastically as a team and we were impressed with the results- one group even had a water feature and an extension!