A new term in Year Two!

Dear families, Welcome to Year Two. The children have now completed a full week in their classroom and have settled well into our new routine. On Fridays I will place our Learning Note on the classroom door, the blog and put a link to it on Twitter, so that you are up to speed with […]

Pointillism Hot Air Balloons

This week we learned about Georges Seurat and his technique of painting called Pointillism. We found out that this technique involves using lots of small dots to create a big picture and that although it can look a little bit messy up close, it can be a masterpiece from further away. We used what we

Hot Air Balloons

We have been learning lots of facts about the Montgolfier brothers, who were the first people to invent a flying machine; the hot air balloon. We then designed and created our own hot air balloons. Here are some photos of us painting them. It was really tricky to keep them balanced as we painted b