Luminous Lighthouses

Year 3 have begun building their lighthouses in science with Mrs Bramley and the Year 3 team. They have learnt about series circuits, as well as conductors, insulators and switches, and then applied this knowledge to their model building. Here are some photos from this week’s lesson:  

Year 3 Homework

I hope that you are all enjoying the snow. As we were not expecting to close the school today, you have not been given your homework. You will find this on the homework tab of this blog but I have also attached a link below.  If you haven’t written your questions for an author yet, […]

Another super week

Year 3 have been absolutely amazing this week. They impressed a number of visitors with their exceptional mathematical language at the beginning of this week and also made some fabulous junk models. This morning, each and every child stunned Mr Billing and me with their exceptional writing. This hal

Working hard…

Year 3 have been working hard over the last couple of weeks. We have been creating information leaflets about Potters Bar, learning how to multiply using formal methods and starting to use vocabulary to describe our families in French. Here are some photos of the class recreating the Union flag and