Looking mindfully

Year 3 have been practising how to look mindfully this week. We did some colour spotting in the classroom to warm up our eyes and then observed what happened when we dispersed some food colours in warm water; some very scientific discussions were held. We finished the session by carefully drawing so

Stone Age Dwellings

Last half term, Herts Museum taught us about Stone Age Dwellings for people that travelled around. These were made from sticks and animal skins, and were easy to pack up and move around. This week, we have looked at the Neolithic site in the Orkney Islands, Scotland; Skara Brae. This has World Herit

Den building

Last Thursday, the children worked brilliantly together to make some superb dens. Everyone also worked as a team to tidy away the equipment. You can watch a short video/montage of photos here: https://quik.gopro.com/v/EEYxkdgzDq/    

Magic 10!

Year 3 practise their times tables most days using a  short session called Magic 10. During these ten minutes, we sing along with Percy Parker and then write out the times tables using number sentences. Once we have finished, we write them out in reverse order and might also attempt a ‘going

Stone Age workshop

The Hertfordshire Museum Service visited this morning to share artefacts and activities in a Stone Age workshop. We learnt about materials used in this time period, made a bender (a shelter) and then created our own versions. We held a 4,000 year old flint and a bronze replica sword as well as tryin

Learning about neurons

Year 3 have really been enjoying our MindUp sessions. We have been sitting quietly in our Brain Breaks and also been very keen to learn how the brain works. Today we made neurons and formed neuron chains to understand how information is transmitted and how habits are formed. Here are a few pictures: