Here are some of our Journey stories. Each story was based on Aaron Becker’s book ‘Journey’. This book is special as it is wordless, so the children have decided the words which he might have chosen if he was to have written the story. If you’d like to see the pictures which go alongside the words you can watch a video clip of the book here:


Keep visiting as I will upload more as they are typed up! Please note, the first version of the story is all the children’s own work. I have typed up a version with corrected spellings underneath their original in case it is easier to read!

Journey – Alice C and Angelo

Journey – Grace E and Yo-Yo

Journey – George and Toby

Journey – TJ and Nattie


We are also in the process of writing our own versions of ‘Journey’ and have changed the settings and characters of the original. Here are some of our story maps which we are using to help us remember each part of the story.