Learning Note to families:

This week…  We finished off our division topic by looking at two step problems involving division.  We then looked at divisibility tests so the children can recognise when a number is divisible by another number.  In English, we have looked at the author’s use of humour, and focused largely on the use of speech and speech marks within our book ‘Skills from Brazil’.  We learnt the various features of speech and how to include them in our writing.  We also had a fantastic author visit, by Dan Freedman, who inspired and engaged our class to be keen readers and writers.  We enjoyed a fabulous morning on Friday, learning about what a “Red Letter Experience” could be who was Saint Valentine and then making Valentine cards to give to deserving people in our communities. We were impressed with the creativity expressed.


Reading for pleasure is very important and we would like you to take the opportunity to read whenever you can. Remember to get your parents to sign your reading records over the weekend if they hear or see you reading.   #wroxhamreading will continue and we will encourage you to challenge yourselves in this initiative.  Always investigate unusual or unknown vocabulary.


This week we have been reading:

  • ‘Skills from Brazil’ by Dan Freedman
  • ‘When The Mountains Roared’ by Jess Butterworth (in line with our ‘Extreme Earth’ topic.)



Next week, we are looking at homophones.  If you could help your child to look up some homophones and discuss their meanings that would be really beneficial.  For example, aloud and allowed.

Spellings will be set on Monday and will be tested the following Monday. They have been sent home and a copy is also on the classroom door.


Times Tables

We have been practising our 9 and 11 x tables this week.  We recall the times table up to 12, then write the associated division fact in our maths books.


Next week… Please remember to bring your swimming kit next Monday as we will be continuing our swimming lessons.  Can you also remember to bring a coat as we will be walking down to the Furzefield Centre.    We will be continuing to look at shape, and will model our very own 3D shapes using cocktail sticks and blu tack!  We will also talk about their properties and look at real life 3D objects.  In English, we will still be using ‘Skills from Brazil’ as our focus text, and work upon the retrieval of information in information texts.

In topic we will be naming the layers of the Earth and will be doing a practical activity to show this using. In Science we shall be looking at how we can categorise materials.

We hope you all have a restful and enjoyable weekend,


The Year 5 team.