We used ‘spiraling sentences’ to create these beauties:


In the warm sunset, Bella quickly flew to the RSPCA!

Before anyone could see me, I shot quickly down the slide.

I took my excited dog to the park where it growled at people all the time.

As the scary Bunny came, Riley travelling at the speed of light, went to the Moon!

In the morning gloom, I bought a golden pug and it ran very quickly.

He saw the big scary monsters, so he ran away and no-one ever saw him again

Very quickly, the cat exploded – oozing and drowning in blood.

In the small, silent cramped living room, the Witch’s cat sleepily sat on the mat like a dead daffodil.

As the fish monster came closer, Tim could feel his deadly breath.

The boy ran frantically to the park as an obese bulldog pursued him all the way.

In the morning gloom, Timmy slowly ambled his way past the dew drop grass to the enormous park.

Lily was rapidly walking her extremely obese hound.

Despite being married to the dreadful Zeus, the mermaid was kind in a happy way!

He went to the dark, spooky, creepy park with dead spiders, tarantulas and cockroaches.

The small girl ,called Tabitha, fell horribly down the climbing wall!

In the morning, at 7:25, the cat smiled happily.

The grass, which was green, greeted me as I walked past.

I did a backflip excitedly, since I had won the lottery.

Slowly, the classed out banger ran out of petrol, on the black gloomy motorway.

Quickly but silently I went to the park as the trees were swaying side to side.

Because he was scared – the dog, that was super fat, rolled over and puked out the leftover spider hamburger that he had.

In the bright, broad sunlight, the big, fat, scary, chicken quickly ran at the huge, brick wall that had cobwebs, blood and other things in it. It ran out the window to join the other chickens.

At the awesome funfair, the scary jester was eating the popcorn then…he died

In the morning she was very sad, went back to bed and was shouting in her bed.

When I went to the park with my best friends, it was pouring down with freezing cold rain.