Last week in Reception we:

  • Wrote rhyming words
  • Focused on number bonds using different mathematical models
  • Recapped all phase 3 tricky words and the phonemes ‘oi’ – boil, ‘ow’ – cow, ‘er’ – her
  • Discussed the life cycle of a butterfly
  • Learnt about doubling

This week in Reception we will be:

  • Writing sentences in our writing books
  • Focusing on saying number sentences
  • Learning new phase 4 tricky words, ‘said’ and ‘like’
  • Discussing the value of coins

At home you can:

  • Read with your child and write in their reading record
  • Talk about doubling and sharing objects
  • Practise forming letters, numbers and writing tricky words
  • Get children to look at prices in the shops