Last week in Reception we:

  • Learnt the phonemes ‘ee’, ‘or’ and the tricky word ‘me’.
  • Practised our Christmas Play
  • Used Numberblocks to develop our understanding of number and used Cherry models to show our number sentences
  • Learnt some more Makaton signs linked to the story Dear Santa

This week in Reception we will be:

  • Recapping phase 3 phonemes and all tricky words learnt so far.
  • Performing our Christmas Play (Wednesday 11th December 10:30am – all welcome. It will be a squeeze!)
  • Making stockings and gift labels
  • Listening to the Christmas Story

At home you can:

  • Read stories and ask your child which is their favourite part and why
  • Read your child’s books and write in their reading record
  • Retell the Christmas Story