learning note Jan 18th     Dear Families,

Please refer to this week’s learning note to see what the children have completed in class this week and what we are planning to do next week.

We wish you a restful weekend.


The Year 5 Team.

This week…  In maths we have consolidated our division knowledge and completed the week by introducing 3D shape.  In English, we have been looking at persuasive and motivational speeches. We used Dan Freedman’s book, “Skill from Brazil “to frame this work and our children worked in groups to write and perform their own speeches; on a range of current topics such as plastics in our oceans and the benefits of exercising. On Wednesday we filmed the completed speeches as they performed them to their fellow classmates. We have begun our ‘Extreme Earth’ topic and have looked at the history of Pangaea. We also practised our French vocabulary for body parts and finalised our work upon The Water Cycle.


The children are in new table groups and we endeavor to hear them read once a week. However, we must emphasise that it is really important to read with your child and to discuss the meaning of the vocabulary and to check their overall understanding.  Dan Freedman is visiting the school on Tuesday 22nd January; a letter has been sent home about this event and the opportunity to purchase some of his books, should you wish to. The children can also get him to sign their books.


This week we have been reading:

  • ‘Skills from Brazil’ by Dan Freedman
  • ‘When The Mountains Roared’ by Jess Butterworth (in line with our ‘Extreme Earth’ topic.)



This week the children have been learning these spellings, which have silent letters in them; they will be tested on Monday 21st January.

  1. Climb
  2. Hour
  3. School
  4. Know
  5. Answer
  6. Guess
  7. Sandwich
  8. Wednesday
  9. Scissors
  10. Wrong
  11. (BONUS WORD) Tsunami.


Next week we shall focus upon words whereby the noun form ends –ce– and the verb form ends  -se– such as advice and advise. The children will have a lesson upon this, before being given their new set of spellings on Monday.


Times Tables We have been practising our 6 and 7 times tables this week.  We recall the times table up to 12, then write the associated division fact in our maths books.

 Next week… Please remember to bring your swimming kits in on Monday plus a coat as the forecast is for cold temperatures.

In topic we will be describing and naming the various layers within the Earth and in Science we will be looking at properties of materials.

We hope you all have a restful and enjoyable weekend,


The Year 5 Team.