Today something happened that completely made my day!


Our system of #WroxhamReading, which runs in Year 5 and 6, had a new Level 2 achiever today.  I was lucky enough to have the smiley face of one of our Year 5 children meet me at my office door.  The child came in and quietly told me that he had completed Level 2 – meaning that not only is he reading every day, he has completed book reviews, a video of his favourite part of a book and run a book club for some of our younger children – not bad for someone aged 10!

This leads on to the moment I dig into my cupboard to pick out a #WroxhamReading Ambassador badge and wrist band.  The smile could not have stretched any further across his face – it was magical.  What made it even better was when he left my office – he physically punched the air and skipped out through our library.

There are times where working in education can be challenging – however, today was one of those days that makes you realise the importance of working so hard for our children.


#WroxhamReading has been something that we could never have predicted how much of an impact it could have, not just on the reading in the school, but the confidence and self-awareness of the children.

Please have a look at a few photos below – including the Tweet from one of our children, which was ‘liked’ by David Walliams – leading to the video being watched over 12,000 times – quite a good stimulus!