Year Three

Introducing the team



Mrs Nicky Easey Deputy Headteacher / KS2 Phase Leader Year 3
Mrs Debbie Kilpatrick Teaching Assistant/Kids’ Club Manager Year 3

What happens in Year 3 at Wroxham?

In year 3, we work hard to support the children as they make the transition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2. We gradually build their resilience to cope with longer lesson times and help them to develop their social, emotional and teamwork skills.

In maths, we continue to build upon their understanding and extend  their learning at every opportunity. In our English lessons, we explore a wide range of  writing styles – supported by interesting texts and practise developing our speaking and listening skills.

During our science lessons, we explore the structure of the earth, animals , electricity, plants and sound. The children start to develop their skills in French language and also begin to become aware of global issues by exploring the United Nations Rights of the Child.

In PE, the children continue to develop their sporting skills and begin to participate in team events against local schools. They are also learn to play the recorder and enjoy weekly lessons with Mrs Combes.

Our school blog!

We keep a blog to keep our parents and children updated of what has happened and what’s going to happen throughout the year.